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PHP With Laravel - Become A Master In Laravel Compete Course Free Download

 PHP With Laravel - Become A Master In Laravel Compete Course Free Download 

VERSION 5.2 but we keep upgrading as new version come out. This is an evergreen course because we keep adding new fresh content all the time!


  • 5.3 – section 33
  • 5.4 – section 38
  • 5.5 – section 40

Why is Laravel so popular?

Because once you learn it, creating complex applications are easy to do, because thousands of other people have created code we can plug (packages) in to our Laravel application to make it even better.
There are many reasons why Laravel is on the top when it comes to php frameworks but we are not here to talk about that, right?
You are here because you want to learn Laravel, and find out what course to take, right? Alright lets lists what this course has to offer, so that you can make your decision?

Let me break down some things from the projects but not all, cause my hands are a little tired.

Authentication system
Multi users with roles, Admins, subscribers and whatever you want.
User profiles
Uploading photos, multi pictures
Multiple input selections
User, CRUD
Category CRUD
Photo CRUD
Pretty URL’s
Commenting system, reply system with tree
Disqus commenting system
Sessions, and flash messages
Email Sending
EMAIL testing
Lots more, too many to list
Oh did I mention we keep updating the course with new versions?
Did I also mention this LARAVEL course is the best rated course, the best selling and the biggest of its kind here in Udemy?

Lets start this and let’s create big things ?

How to Download ??

Step 1. Select Your Favourite Post and see Bottom of the post…

Step 2. Click on “Download Link Here” Green Button! [See Image Below]

Step 3. Now 4xlinks Opened in New Tab and Click “Unlock Links” Blue Button! [See Image Below]

Step 4. Now You will See Various Host Links. [See Image Below]

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