Friday, November 16, 2018

Blef Version 1.0.0 Game Free Download

Blef Version 1.0.0 Game Free Download

The description of Blef

Blef is a puzzle game with a strong influence from roguelikes, or a roguelike with a strong influence from puzzle games.

The levels are carefully designed, the player's movement is limited, but you have multiple lives, so you can choose to play like the barbarian who plows through the enemies or the cunning explorer who plots his every move.

This game is still in its infancy and is continuously evolving!

You can probably expect some of these in the future:
• new levels!
• new monsters!
• new mechanics!
• explosions!
• graphic stuff!
• marketing buzzwords!


You can get to the exit of every single level with full health, but it’s pretty difficult!

Try it here!
You can try it for free here:

Size : 24M Mb
Version: 1.0.0
Req: 4.1 and up
Latest update: 13.11.2018

How to Download ??

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Step 2. Click on “Download Link Here” Green Button! [See Image Below]

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